Test uw Engels!

Test uw Engels!

Test uw Engels met tien korte vragen. De meest voorkomende valkuilen komen aan bod. De test is vrijblijvend en anoniem, kan in vijf minuten voltooid zijn en u ziet uw resultaten direct. Succes!


English quiz

How's your English?

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Which answer correctly completes the following statement: In English, the 'a' in 'I have been working' when not stressed sounds like:

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You are proud of the new product you are going to present for your company. Which sentence would you use?

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How would you tell someone where you were born? Choose a sentence:

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Choose the best sentence to boast or moan about how long you have been working on something:

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Sales are going well! Choose the correct sentence to boast about your sales:

7 / 10

You hope to win a competition tomorrow. What's the best sentence to tell us what may happen?

8 / 10

Which expression is correct?

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You are working at your English but the kids are making too much noise in the background. How do you ask them to be quiet?

10 / 10

The ‘s’ in the word 'rooms' sounds rather like

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Op welk niveau beheers ik het Engels? Lees hier de richtlijnen van de Council of Europe

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